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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cool, deceptively simple yet elegant jewellery

We are delighted to welcome back Stephanie Marsh aka SL Marsh Craft Works and Introvert Artisan.

Another busy lady, Stephanie will showcase her handmade beaded jewellery. For those who love simplicity, a fuss-free or a not too overly-girly look, Steph creations are chic, with a little edge and great colour combinations. Her jewellery set is definitely an eye-catcher.


Stephanie will also bake for us (very excited about this) some ‘not so ordinary’ yummy cakes… read on to find out more, I have asked Stephanie to write a few words about both her hobbies.

Meet the Maker:

About your jewellery

I wanted to do something with my hands and use my brain in a different way, a creative way as my work brain is computer like. I have always loved colour, shape and texture and what better way to indulge this love than to make jewellery! I started by doing a couple of one day workshops by Jean Power (high priestess of beading in the UK) to learn the basics, once of got these it’s a question of experimenting and learning as you go along, which I love and the possibilities are endless. I have been making bead jewellery for a couple of years as a hobby, and the more I make the more I enjoy it.

About your Baking
I started my experimental baking that is free of gluten, dairy free and refined sugar in an effort to improve the state of my IBS and general health both of which were in pretty bad shape a few years ago. Being a girl with a sweet tooth a life without gluten, dairy free and sugar is a depressing thought. It only took me making one simple healthy dessert from scratch, using a little imagination to realise that ‘free-form’ didn’t have to be boring and tasteless. I realised that researching how to make healthy food, in particular desserts, sweet treatments and experimental baking was a worthwhile pastime that I have grown to love.  

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Belinda Worsley

First up... and new to the fair..

Belinda Worsley
Belinda is a lady of many talents. Firstly, she is an illustrator and in addition to her contributions to many childrens books, she has illustrated the new Topsy and Tim books (a big hit with little children!)

Belinda also paints murals and loves to create with her hands.

 You can view some of her floral accessories using beautiful fabrics on her lovely blog

Belinda will bring a vintage-inspired element to the day and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us!

Homespun Returns!

Homespun is back! Bigger and better than ever! We are so pleased to welcome back some of our original Homespun favourites along with some new faces, who are all very keen to share their wonderful creations with you.

Over the next few weeks I shall be posting some information and pictures from the stall holders who will be at Homespun on Saturday 13th October 2012, in the Church House in Sawbridgeworth.

Come and support local artists and spice up your Christmas shopping!