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Friday, 10 June 2011

A delicious vintage day

A couple of weekends ago was the baptism of my niece Niamh.. Niamh was honored to wear a handmade christening gown that has been worn over 14 times and is over 100 years old.
So this picture of Niamh and her great granny is perfect!

The picture isn't close enough to see the exquisite needlework. Thanks to granny for preserving it all these years..
Once the service finished, we headed off to Crouch End for the reception which was held in Matt and Rozzi's garden. Niamh’s mum, Rozzi, has a sumptuous collection of vintage china which was going to be perfect to set the scene for the vintage inspired reception.
We arrived to sunshine, a beautifully dressed table, matching bunting, and delicious homemade food.

As I mentioned a little earlier, Rozzi has an extensive range of fine bone china and mis-matched vintage crockery and is available for hire out too so if you are planning a party (intimate tea party, wedding, hen ....), please have a look at her lovely website and contact her

Rozzi will also bring along some of her vintage crockery to Homespun on Saturday 1st October and will provide tea, fresh coffee and a lovely vintage treat for us all! Very exciting.

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