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Local Homemade Crafts - Laurence Stanford & Gemma Oldland

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The HomeSpun Ethos

We are on a mission! This event (and many others to come) will aim to reclaim craft of local and talented makers and artists who are interested to sell the fruits of their handcrafted creations.
Independent designers and crafters from this area who make unique handmade items will be able to hire a table at a small fee at our event. When you buy at HomeSpun, you are getting something you won’t find on the high street and you are also helping small businesses in our community.

Our philosophy;
We believe that there are many talented people who make wonderful things and that those deserve a better platform. Small scale production and handmade goods offers way to manage resources effectively and to support local economies... Making things is enjoyable and we want this to be a fun event and to share it with our community.

The HomeSpun blog is also a platform to showcase your creations so please (wherever you are) contact us and select artists will receive a blog feature ...We will be sharing our thoughts, things that we love and that we like the look of, so visit us again soon...

thank you

Lo x

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